Farewell Summer

I think summer is grinding to a halt here in England. I had a shock last week when I left work just after 7pm and it was dark! The reality of summer passing away struck me hard.

I find autumn and winter hard – it’s the dark. I just find that all I want to do is hibernate. I was suddenly overwhelmed by the thought of the gloomy months ahead and seeing people wasting money on all sorts of useless things. The holiday season always brings lots of work as people do foolish things or give in to gloomy thoughts.

What will help me keep my spirits up when summer is fading? Jack is always going to be fun! He has energy no matter what the season. Did I tell you we have an engagement party planned at long last? Over a year since we became engaged! Really it is just a chance for our families to be together. There will be food, games and dancing. It will help make memories – which will be lovely.

I just wish I could enjoy the no coat temperatures and the long hours of daylight for longer. I am a summer girl – through and through.

Photo by Hebert Santos on Pexels.com