This week I was settling down after a long day of work, looking forward to an episode of Masterchef, when I realized the BBC had been tinkering wit their schedule. Ten minutes into a documentary showing that horrible footage from Tuesday 11th September 2001, I realized I was going to find it hard to sleep if I watched a minute more.

But a colleague of mine was raving about this particular documentary, which apparently was all about what it was like the be the President of the USA (one of the Bush family I believe) at the time of the attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Honestly, I don’t think I can sit down and relive that day, we all remember that day, we all have those images ingrained on our minds.

Another colleague told me about a different documentary they had watched this week on PBS America – which showed the effect that day had on America. She told me it focused on the disturbing crimes “America” (or I should say those in authority) went on to commit as a result of that day.

I am not going to search out either documentary. I expect over the coming week or so there will be repeated broadcasts reminding the world of that day, and perhaps more discussion about the awful mess that has resulted.

But what stood out to me was the media – the media, the media, the media, add to that social media (which was not really a thing at all back in 2001) and it is like a horrible, sickening rollercoaster of strong emotions, gripping fear, seething anger, outright blame, extreme resentment and more.

You know – that day was probably the most impactful day our generation has ever seen. I am not always sure what to make of the various media coverage analysing that day and it’s aftermath. It is very hard to digest how much of a political quagmire resulted. It is hard to swallow the mess.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

The only thing that makes sense is that it was forecast that things like this would happen as a result of humans trying to go it alone. But the turbulence is sometimes ghastly to live through. Even when we live in a fairly quiet neighbourhood, the turbulence in the world is always there on our screens. It’s astonishing, and I think many people fear there is more turbulence brewing.

The longing to see a healed mankind, a human family at true peace, living life to the full, just gets stronger and stronger. The longing to see tears wiped away and smiles of deep joy. The longing to see the memories of trauma and terror faded away and replaced by trust and security.

So close to the pivotal chapter.