Do I Look Like The Kind Of Person Who Would Collect Disney Cards?

I often nip into the supermarket on the way home to pick up some fresh salad or fruit. Normally I go through the self check-out tills nowadays. But the other day, I had rather a lot in my basket, and there was no queue and a smiling cashier was sitting there beckoning me to go through her checkout.

She asked me, “Are you collecting Disney cards?” I did not hear the question first time around, so I asked her to repeat the question. I shook my head and told her there are no children in my household. The cashier said to me, “Well, they are not just for children, adults collect them too.”

“Really? Do they?” I exclaimed.

The cashier said to me, “Surely there is an inner child in you.”

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I laughed to myself, I am sure the inner child in me took over and decided to reply, “The inner child in me was never particularly impressed by Disney. She was out climbing trees and playing sports. She always thought that magic and princesses were rather boring compared to the fun she could have in real life.”

I am sure there are many children and adults who collect Disney cards – and I am sure they have lots of fun. I still prefer the fun I can have in real life though!