We Work So Well Together

I love my days working with Jack. They are my favourite by far – and that is not only because they are the days of the week I am kissed most!

He is very good at what he does. He rises early and starts to read and answer emails from other lands. Although much of Jack’s life can appear sporadic and chaotic, he is incredibly conscientious when it comes to work.

Ultimately, Jack’s role is senior to mine. He is a director, he makes decisions over huge amounts of money, equipment, volunteer personnel, projects, legal issues, scheduling, media communications and more. It is so interesting to overhear the calls he has to take.

Jack takes an interest in my work too. I have gad more and more to do with our volunteer database, making sure our volunteers are trained for projects they are assigned to, assessing availability and humility and extending invitations for more training in volunteers who show themselves eager and of the disposition needed. I have to put together a lot of communications and training materials. Jack is a very helpful pair of eyes on my work.

I love working with Jack – and the cherry on top is the frequent kisses. My time with him is the best part of each work. You can’t blame me for feeling that way surely!

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