Just A Little Boy At Heart

Well…recently I have been making you all suffer my attempts at flash-fiction. Here is another short story – well a kind of story.

This one is based on the picture below which was the prompt given to for me and two other bloggers who were tagged for the TELL THE STORY Challenge by rugby843 rugby843 –  The Bag Lady, as you can see from her post below:


He Is Just A Little Boy At Heart

Hand in hand we walk along, every now and then he will pause so he can kiss me.

But then something will catch his eye. He loves to see the foxes. There are many foxes in London. There are always foxes lurking on the drive-way. At this time of year they make disturbing noises. Someone told me they are courting and this time of year, and those awful shrieking calls have something to do with mating. He does not care if they make disturbing noises. He is always so excited to see them.

I could tell him about the villagers out in the countryside who kept chickens. They were not at all fond of the foxes. I have seen with my own eyes what foxes have done to a chicken coupe.  He does not want to know about how cross the country folk are with the foxes when they get at their chickens. He is always so excited to see them.

Sometimes, as I am gazing at the man I am in love with,  I see a little boy, who would love to have the life of a fox. He is envious of the kind of freedom a fox enjoys. He wants to wander and roam like a fox. He is just a little boy at heart who does not want to fully grow up. On the look out for the sign of a fox he feels akin to. He is always so excited to see them.


So here is the photo that I am choosing as a prompt for three other bloggers.


Please forgive me if you have already been nominated by other bloggers for these TELL THE STORY Challenges and want to have a break from them. But I shall tag three very lovely bloggers and leave it to you to decide if you feel inspired by this photo:

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