Sleepy Me

I have found myself irresistibly drawn to my bed every evening this week. In the morning – I do not want to leave my bed at all!!!

But there is so much to do!! Now that “things” are opening up, a lot of our projects that were postponed over the past eighteen months are going ahead urgently. The crazy rush to make sure everyone is trained and up to date to meet health and safety regulations is relentless.

Yet, we have such a huge desire from volunteers to be back in action. They are very good at responding to my emails asking them to register for an online training session. They want to do whatever it takes to be back, doing what they love.

I have lots of reasons to make sure I get out of bed – but my goodness – I do love it being bedtime again!!

3 thoughts on “Sleepy Me”

  1. I know how you feel! I have been back in the office (rather than working from home) so it has left me sooooo sleepy!

    It might partly be because I’m worried about the delta variant, so I’m cycling 26km rather than take public transit… but I just want to stay in bed a bit longer!


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