Who Will Be The 2021 Star Baker Be?

We are all very excited as our special BAKE OFF Judge Jeanne (A Jeanne In The Kitchen) is preparing the results of THE 2021 GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF FESTIVAL OF LOVE!

Did you see Jeanne’s post earlier?


Make sure you look out for Jeanne’s post sharing with us the answer to the question everybody is wondering? Who will be the 2021 Star Baker?

6 thoughts on “Who Will Be The 2021 Star Baker Be?”

    1. I think we make it for harder for Jeanne every year by giving her so many photos to look at!! But she is so great at the judging. Gary and I know our limits – we can try to bake, we can try to write a terrible poem together – but we certainly could not attempt to judge the bakes – oh my goodness no!

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      1. Lol But I am sure she enjoys the challenge. You and Gary do a wonderful job in getting the entire WordPress community involved, which is no mean feat! And that poem was a scream!! ❤️


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