We’ve Had The Time Of Our Lives

This weekend has been everything we hoped for and so much more!!! And it is all down to the truly great bloggers that make WordPress so much fun! We have seen so many beautiful bakes, so many heart warming personal accounts, and swayed along to so many famous love songs!

And there is still more!! The gorgeous Ribana, creator of Popsicle Society, has been baking!! These are her Torta Del Nonna (or Grandma’s cake), with a sweet dough casing, lemon pastry cream filling and decorated with pine nuts and icing sugar. I am feeling slightly faint here Ribana! They sound devine!

This is Ribana’s superb post sharing her brilliant baking with us, including a link to her recipe page:


There is still more to come! In fact, what we have for you is very special!

I asked Ribana if she had a favourite love song, and I was thrilled with her reply – I wanted to save this one until the end of our BAKE OFF, and she has chosen the perfect song!

And it is more than time for some Italian love!! It is nighttime here in England – so an Italian night of love is in order. πŸ™‚

18 thoughts on “We’ve Had The Time Of Our Lives”

    1. You said it perfectly Ribana!!! It has been such a special weekend!! Truly. We feel thrilled that there are so many very bloggers who want to share a love of baking, nature, poetry and music….and are just so lovely!

      Your photos were absolutely amazing! Your Torta del Nonna are outstanding.

      We have just a few more bakes to go, and then a very special feature before Jeanne deliberates over the star baker accolade.

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