Waiting For Kushi Kitchen Love

I was so glad when the following blogger popped up in my inbox. It is Kushi (which means “happy”) Kalpesh! He promised me he would be baking a few weeks ago and was eager to share with us flavours from Gujarat where his parents lived as children, but I know he had difficulty finding the ingredients for the Indian sweets he wanted to make originally.

But determined to take part, Kalpesh, the creator of Kushi Kally took over the kitchen and with his mum overseeing him, Kalpesh made us naan bread – a garlic and coriander bread, which he said had butter brushed over it when it was piping hot out of the oven.

This is the post Kalpesh published about his naan:


Kalpesh, I really did not mind waiting for your baking photos, they were worth waiting for….and they gave me the chance to feature these two great love songs!

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