Only Love Can Make Carrot Cake Without A Single Carrot

Gary, the creator of A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his Partner and becoming a single parent. has yet again exceeded all expectations, not only with his baking, but with his poetry too!! Admit it – you are really going to miss seeing what on earth Gary will come up with next! I know I will!

I have sometimes see Gary throw extra ingredients into a baking mixture, a very tailored bespoke mix of spices and flavourings that defy imagination. Yest this weekend, Gary’s kitchen experiments are leaning an entirely different direction. Yes, you may have noticed already that Gary is leaving out the key ingredient.

Earlier today, you may have seen his banana bread – without a single banana in it. Now we have Gary’s carrot cake – without any sign of carrot.

Gary – it is always an absolute pleasure collaborating with you!!! You make everything so much fun!! Which I love!! It’s been not just a beautiful day, but a beautiful weekend!

Please forgive my teasing….xx Well, until next year anyway! You know how much we love you don’t you!!

8 thoughts on “Only Love Can Make Carrot Cake Without A Single Carrot”

    1. Not a carrot cake fan? It’s so true – it’s a broken hearted cake.
      Well, if you get to know Gary, you will know his heart has been through a lot. He is an amazing man.


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