Love Was Never As Pretty!

Included amongst the phenomenal line up of heartfelt baking creations we have been privileged to exhibit in THE 2021 GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF FESTIVAL OF LOVE, we have been so impressed by the exquisite productions from Julie, the co-creator of One More Bite.

I loved reading the background behind these cornmeal, cardamom, almond cookies with orange marmalade, which are like a cross between biscotti and thumbnail cookies. They look as if they would melt in your mouth. Julie’s posts are excellent, and detail all the ingredients and techniques behind her creations. Please take a look at her fabulous site:

As well as the adorable cuties, we received a photograph of perhaps the most glamorous choux pastry production I have ever seen. These are her showstopping strawberry eclairs with lime/mint mousse and strawberry mousse. Aren’t they marvellous!

This wonderful weekend is drawing to a close, and I have to go to sleep!!! But I am leaving you with the remaining baking photographs from truly great bloggers, and a very special treat, which we are sure will warm everyone’s hearts!

We are so excited at what is to come as the conclusion of the FESTIVAL OF LOVE, including our BAKE OFF judge Jeanne announcing the 2021 STAR BAKER accolade, draws close!

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