We’re In Love Again

The photos we received from the creator of Tango’s Baking were a mix of deliciousness, fun and skill – everything baking should be!! We have been loving his baking photographs this weekend.

But here is one that will particularly please all chocolate lovers out there. This is so much more than your average chocolate log. It is a chocolate log cake is covered with a dark chocolate ganache with chocolate pieces, and also has an Oreo cookie and cream filling inside.

I love the charisma and character that goes into his celebration cakes. This cake is so much fun!! Take a look at the post on Tango’s Baking to see more of his brilliant baking!


Also…I see some snails on top of this gorgeous chocolate creation! You know what that means….yet another GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF PET LOVE accolade!!

It was the mention in this post of storms, rain that made me think of a cheesy little pop nugget from Dua Lipa! This live performance is accompanied by Elton John tinkling the ivories. But I could not resist tagging a song I wanted to include so much in this weekend’s FESTIVAL OF LOVE – how long will we love chocolate ganache and Oreos for? The song says it all!

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