We Love Monika’s Baking!

We all know that when it comes to the baking world, France is the center of the universe. We also know that in a category all of it’s own is the love between sisters! I should know – I have five sisters!

My wonderful friend and colleague Marianne has shared with us a baking creation that cements France as top of the league when it comes to the international flavours we have been able to feature this weekend.

Marianne’s sister Monika created this beautiful Charlotte aux fraises, which was made with a recipe from her youngest sister Marina. This is so much like me and my sisters – we share recipes and clothes and lots of hugs!

The music choice for this beautiful bake is also notably French! I have never heard it before, but I loved it as soon as I heard it. This seems to be a favourite love song of Marianne’s mother. Marianne said it always makes it think of her mum happy and smiling!!

Oh my – I am loving how utterly heart-warming this weekend is!!!

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