The Weekend “Scone” Really Quickly!

I doubt that my attempt at a joke in the title of this post will make much impact. Maybe it is more of a northern thing. Don’t worry!!

But it really has just flown by!!! I still need to do some catching up myself on all of the wonderful comments from the truly great bloggers of WordPress who have been supporting our bakers this year. We are thrilled with the baking photographs and so pleased that so many of you are enjoying the BAKE OFF as much as we are!

I hope you have all recovered from the dubious poem Gary and I penned together! I know I know! We should stick to baking. However, that cannot be said of our next baker! For our wonderful multi0talented Kristian, the creator of (Tales from the mind of Kristian), who was one of fabulous special guest poet‘s this weekend, has been baking!!!

These are his delightful heart shaped cheesy potato scones. Kristian tells us the ingredients he used and relates how he made these perfect savoury tea time treats:

There’s a lovely rise on those scones Kristian!! Or you could say a lift perhaps….which would of course be a very dubious connection with the first song choice I am tagging to your bake!!

6 thoughts on “The Weekend “Scone” Really Quickly!”

    1. I think Kristian might have Irish connections. They look very tasty don’t they. I am amazed he managed to make them into a heart shape. My scones are very unruly, they come out all sorts of bizarre shapes.


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