I’ve Loved You Three Summers Now

yesterday we featured an American inspired peanut butter and strawberry traybake (in the shape of a fish) made by Jenna Kirkpatrick, the creator of RASPBERRY RIPPLES. Jenna had to self-isolate after coming back from an amber country (the UK travel traffic light system) at the end of July. I suggested baking as a great way to spend the time on her own. So Jenna did exactly that!!!

These are her raspberry and white chocolate scones that she baked to take part in Tandy Sinclair’s 2021 International Scone Week. Ben & Jen came down a couple of weeks ago (after her quarantine had ended) and I tried one of these scones and they were delicious!

This is Jenna’s post in which she shares her baking experience:


Those of you who follow Jenna’s site may have noticed she loves Taylor Swift’s music. So, I picked another Taylor love song that I thought was perfect for Jen & Ben as they have been together for almost three years.

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