With Love From Lily!

I have enthusiastically mentioned to some of my friends and colleagues that we were hosting THE 2021 GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF FESTIVAL OF LOVE, and I thrilled that some of them have sent baking photos in, which I am very proud to feature!!

My colleague Marianne (who is one off the loveliest people on the planet) has sent me some beautiful baking photographs in from her talented family. Just to mention…there is a strong advantage in the family due to their French connection – yes, yes, we know the best bakers always have a strong French connection!

Marianne’s daughter Lily has baked this gorgeous Apple Pie!

The apples are from a tree in their garden! Oh how we love baking with home-grown produce!

But there is more from Lily!! She has also been busy with her bread making skills with this fantastic rosemary and garlic focaccia bread!!!

Thank you so much Lily for sharing your fantastic baking photographs with us!! We are so pleased to be able to feature them on WordPress! Enjoy the rest of the holidays with your family. ❤

We loved this song from Dodie!! It is so pretty!

9 thoughts on “With Love From Lily!”

  1. Lily’s apple pie looks very fine! I am so envious they have apples growing in their garden. We planted two trees a few months ago and one of them already has tiny little apples on it, but I hope in the future we will be able to do the same as Lily has.

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    1. Oh yes isn’t it lovely!! It’s a dream of mine to pick fruit from the garden and herbs and veggies and to be able to cook and bake with them. Not normally possible with city life. It adds something so very special to home baking!


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