We Love Musical Baking Creations!

Earlier today we featured a fabulous handbag creation that Robbie, the creator of Robbie’s Inspiration , had made for Mother’s Day. But we have so much more from our wonderful Robbie to share with you!

I know many of us found it incredibly tough not to see our beloved family members during strict lockdowns. Robbie published a post about the first time she was reunited with her family for a special occasion – her mother’s 82nd birthday. I can imagine how much it must have meant to the family to be together again.

Look at the record player cake Robbie made, surrounded by a cakelicious flower garden. Robbie’s mother must have been thrilled with this birthday cake! This is Robbie’s heartwarming post about their special family reunion:


We love the concepts Robbie comes up with. This record player cake is so effective, but look at some of the exquisite details on these flower decorations the pink hydrangeas and the gazania cupcakes! There is so much love that goes into these baking creations!

Now I wonder what kind of music would be playing on the record player I asked Robbie if her mother had a favourite love song…and I have to admit that I thought her reply was ideal when it comes to cutting into a birthday cake!

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