There Is Nobody Quite Like Gran!

Our first baking creation this year is from a Doctor – how we love our health professionals after all their hard work over the past eighteen months – and is just as heart warming as we were hoping for!!

I was so pleased when David Pendleton, creator of Doctor In The House, asked if he could submit his treacle scones to The 2021 GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF FESTIVAL OF LOVE. I had already seen two of his posts in which he told us that his gran used to make amazing treacle scones.

Inspired by his Scottish grandmother, David pledged to take on the baking challenge for Tandy Sinclair’s 2021 International Scone Week, and he pulled it off!!

You can read more about Dr David’s baking antics on his site by clicking the link below:

Happy memories!! I remember my own granny baking scones. Baking memories are such a lovely part of childhood and it is no surprise that they stay with us for the rest of our lives!

I asked David if he had a favourite love song, and he seemed to think I was chatting him up! If Jack ever decides he is fed up with my baking and absconds, maybe I will start pursuing bloggers I have never ever met! But not for now. I love his answer though!!! His Nan was Scottish – did I mention that already in this post? So The Proclaimers track “500 Miles” is a favourite. I have picked a girly version because it is so pretty!!

How could I resist the chance to play this when we have Doctor In The house?!!

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