Sweets For Your Sweet

It is time to take a trip to Mexico in our wonderfully international GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF FESTIVAL OF LOVE!

Yes, you guessed it, we have the fabulous Irene, the creator of My Slice Of Mexico has sent us some wonderful baking photographs, which are definitely inspired by love!

These are her Grageitas – a classic Mexican confection of bite-size cookies topped with rainbow-coloured sprinkles. Irene shares her recipe which is gluten free and her Valentine’s inspiration in her brilliant post below:


They look like the perfect gift for a sweet-toothed sweetheart! Aaah – thank you Irene for sharing such a perfect bake for the sweetest kind of love!

16 thoughts on “Sweets For Your Sweet”

  1. These look so much fun!! I am sure they would be snapped up by our bunch very quickly. I follow Irene’s blog already and I enjoy her Mexican dishes so much. πŸ™‚

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  2. Hi, everyone! Thank you so much for your kind comments and endorsement, they always make my day! And thank you Mel for featuring my Grageitas, with theme songs and all!

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