She Used Her Loaf To Make Us Feel Her Love

I had an email from gorgeous Gill, aka The Buchaneer, who sent me a photo to feature in The GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF FESTIVAL OF LOVE. Gill does not currently post publicly on WordPress, but said she would love to be included in the BAKE OFF. We are thrilled to have her take part.

This is a herby sweetcorn muffin loaf, which she said is served warm with salted butter. The herbs inside are chives and dill, and there is also some grated cheddar that goes into the mix. That sounds seriously scrummy Gill!!

Gill does not publish posts, but she reads, likes and comments a lot! I am so pleased that we have several taking part in this year’s GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF, who show lots of support to other bloggers by reading their posts. Even if you don’t currently publish on WordPress, you are still a massive part of the international blogging community so we are very glad to have you take part!

I asked Gill if there is a love story behind her bake, and she told me about her beloved, who used to love two hours away from her. She said that although she had never been a baker, as soon as she met him, she took up baking as a way to his heart. Whenever he came to visit her, she would have baked something for him to try, and whenever she travelled to see him, she always took a tub of cakes or muffins with her.

I relate to Gill so much!! I did exactly the same thing with Goldfinch!!! I would probably do so for Jack too, except we are trying to stay trim for our wedding.

When I asked Gill if she had a favourite love song, she chose a song that anyone in a long distance relationship will totally understand. This is Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love”.

Gill also said she doesn’t know much about baking but has loved seeing BAKE OFF poss – well, we love your bake, and we love that you wanted to be part of the THE 2021 GREAT BLOGGERS’ FESTIVAL OF LOVE!

10 thoughts on “She Used Her Loaf To Make Us Feel Her Love”

  1. I think that when I was first in love with someone, that was the first time I ever showed interest in learning to bake or cook. There is something about wanting to make something to feed the one(s) you love that is addictive.


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