Don’t Miss Anything Out When You Bake!

Are you ready for another epic baking adventure with Gary, the creator of A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his Partner and becoming a single parent.? I believe Gary described this project as Def Con 3! I promise you all the tension, drama and suspense that title promises!

Early on in this baking enterprise there seems to have been a slight issue with measurements. But Gary does not easily give up!! It sounded as if he then emptied the entire contents of his kitchen cupboards into the mixing bowl including cocoa, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, orange peel and maple syrup under the encouragement and oversight of Hawklad.

The result? Nothing short of miraculous!! Victory!!! It looked like cake, it felt like cake, although Gary was very sparing in his description of the taste! However, I know that his baking comes from a very loving heart! That is what counts the most!

Please check out Gary’s own account of his baking adventure, undertaken at the same time as his socks were being terrorised!

I love Gary’s approach of not missing out a single thing from his spice rack and cupboards in order to come up with a strikingly original cake creation.

Not missing a thing…you can see the connection to this rock love anthem – yes?

10 thoughts on “Don’t Miss Anything Out When You Bake!”

  1. I remember in grade 8 cooking class, we were baking something that called for cocoa. My group’s kitchen area had an unlabelled container of brown powder, so that’s what we used. None of us happened to smell or it or notice anything was strange, but it turned out to be cinnamon, which really doesn’t work well in that large a quantity…

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