A Summer Love!

We are thrilled to be exhibiting some of the creations of the very talented creator of Tango’s Baking in The 2021 GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF FESTIVAL OF LOVE.

I think this bake has to be one of the most summery creations we have lined up and utilizes the best of summer fruit – the mango! I am going to pinch a line from Tango’s Baking:

(Who doesn’t love mangoes lol?)

We have here a stunning mango millefeuille with wholemeal filo pastry accompanying a scoop of magnificent home made mango ice-cream. OK…Jack and I are both drooling uncontrollably.

It is at this point that I have to admit, the one obvious disadvantage in a virtual BAKE OFF is not being able to taste – but I am in love with how I imagine this summer treat would be!

Here is the charming post on Tango’s Baking, where you can read more about how he made the most of his mum’s freezer in the most delightful way!


You know….I have to admit….there is a part of me that loves the challenge of finding songs to match bakes. Well…I found a song that mentions mangoes, well sitting under a mango tree…and it is a very lovely love song. Jack Johnson’s “Better Together” – the ultimate chill out music!

25 thoughts on “A Summer Love!”

    1. It looks so great and yes, spell checker kept on trying to autocorrect when I tried to type millefeuille. It still underlines it with a big red line although I think that is correct.


    1. It looks very fancy!!! I would love to see the recipe/technique. I have never tried to make anything like this, but it is so impressive to look at. I would be proud as punch to present something like this to guests.

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