A Recipe Everyone Needs To Try!

One of our favourite features of THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF is the chance to introduce you to some very talented poets. WordPress is such a great platform for bloggers and writers to express their interests, their creativity, their passions, and poets share such beautiful work with us.

We invited some of the poets of WordPress who have already won our hearts to be our SPECIAL GUESTS on THE GREAT BLOGGERS BAKE OFF FESTIVAL OF LOVE. We told them this year’s theme was love….and we left it up to them to see what they came up with!


Wait to you see the poems we have this weekend!

Our first poet this weekend, is brand new to the BAKE OFF. We are super excited to be able to feature Gentleman Dave, the creator of The Poet’s Kiss. Dave writes very beautiful poetry about love and romance. We thought he would be perfect for this year’s BAKE OFF.

We were thrilled with Gentleman Dave’ poem, entitled “Recipe For Love Cake“. We are just sharing the first two lines with you here…

Preheat the heart

With kindness and humility…


…because we would love for you to visit The Poet’s Kiss for yourself to read the rest of this recipe that everybody needs to try! Click the link below and it will take you straight over to read Gentleman Dave’s beautiful BAKE OFF poem:


19 thoughts on “A Recipe Everyone Needs To Try!”

    1. Love – I am sure some clever person likened it to climbing Everest, without any equipment!

      Gentleman Dave not only writes very romantic poetry, but I think he has a very genuinely loving heart along with it!

      Liked by 1 person

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