Sensational Scones On WordPress!

It is that time of the year again…the time we have all been waiting for…yes, that is right – TANDY SINCLAIR IS HOSTING INTERNATIONAL SCONE WEEK 2021!!!!!!!

Yes…yes…it is very exciting – and I am doubly, no maybe triply excited – because Jack is coming over tonight (I have not seen him for around six weeks!!) and I am going to make some scones following a recipe that I am going to adapt into a vegetarian version.

Sorry…I cannot tell you any more than that right now…I don’t want any of you to pinch my idea. I don’t have many ideas you know! But I am sure you will have plenty of ideas of your own. Whether you love the classic scones, or prefer a spicy or fruit twist, or maybe even a boozy version of the incredibly popular scone – I am sure that Tandy would love to have you join in the fun!

So pull out the flour and butter. Pre-heat your ovens. Put on your pinny and roll up your sleeves – it is time to drum up some sensational scones for INTERNATIOAL SCONE WEEK 2021!!

22 thoughts on “Sensational Scones On WordPress!”

  1. These really does look lovely Mel – I promise you that I will send Ben shopping to buy me the ingredients for some kind of raspberry scones and I will make them (or attempt to make them) while I am quarantining.

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    1. It’s all thanks to a Marks & Spencer product I have been looking at for weeks and wondering if it would be worth a try. When I realized they would be perfect for the recipe I had seen on the BBC Good Food website, I decided to buy them. I am very pleased with the results.

      Can’t wait to see your scones Robbie 🙂


    1. I baked my scones at the weekend Tandy, and Jack has eaten half of them already. I have prepared a post and it will be published on Monday. Annette said she is also going to be publishing her scone post next week, but she is going to be away, so she has asked me to paste the URL for her scone post after it is published.

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