Caramel Dealing With An Intruder

How would you feel if you were at home getting ready for work, and while you were in your bathroom, brushing your teeth, a man you have never seen before walks in and says, “Hello”?

I am the type of person who really truly does try to see things from the other person’s point of view. I am honestly. You can even ask Fandango if I am the kind of person who tries to understand where someone else is coming from.

But this bloke, who just walked into my home without knocking, I was just struggling to see where he was coming from.

Later on when I had chance to work out what had happened from my Landlords, it seems that they were not ready to open the front door, so gave the chap the keys to the side gate. So he unlocked the side gate and then somehow worked out that the other key on the bunch was for my front door.

Well….it freaked me out. I have to admit, I did not give him the warmest welcome. I politely expressed my surprise that he had just walked straight into my home, and I eloquently asked him to depart with haste!

The irony of the whole situation, the chap was there to test the intruder alarms in the main house. Well, he should be glad that Caramel has such a peaceful nature. I am not sure anyone else would have been quite so polite if he had intruded their home like that!

10 thoughts on “Caramel Dealing With An Intruder”

  1. Yikes. All things considered, Mel, you were remarkably calm — at least in your retelling of this incident, given that a man you didn’t know unlocked your door and walked right into your place. He’s lucky you didn’t have a baseball bat or a golf club handy!


  2. That is terrifying. I had a maid once who just let himself in while I was sleeping and suddenly he is standing in my bedroom looking at me. That is how most crime docs start. Had the shock of my life.


  3. You kept calm and carried on. I admire you for that. Many people who have PTSD cannot be that calm about that situation. The least he could have expected, coming in my front door that way, is a loud scream, at worst being hit repeatedly with whatever I could find.

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    1. In all honesty Melanie, I was quite shaken by it. But I tried to understand how it was that he ended up in that position. He came to do a job as arranged, rang the front door bell to the main house, they were not prepared for him, shouted instructions at him and threw him the side gate keys. They knew he was coming, they should have just been up and ready to let him in to do his job! So I sort of feel sorry for the guy, even though it gave me a huge fright. I was outwardly calm and polite in the way I pointed out that it was not ok for him to just walk into my home like that. But I did not want to give him too hard a time because he just wanted to get on with his work and was being messed about by the owners of the property above me.


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