I Want A Marriage Not A Wedding

When Jack asked me to marry him – I knew I was saying “yes” for all the right reasons. I want to be part of team Jackamel….or… Carajack. I want to be at the side of this man forever. I want to live with him, work with him, sleep with him. Mutual support, comfort and loyalty. I want to give give give with all my heart to him.

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What I have always struggled with the idea of is our wedding. If we could just sign a legal contract I would be so pleased. But there is more than that to a wedding.

Whether I like it or not it is a family event. I love my family and of course I would want to share it with them. But I have a lot of relatives. Jack and I have a lot of friends and colleagues who I know are expecting for an invitation to our wedding.

I said yes to marrying Jack because I want the rest of my life to be with him. I did not say yes to him because I want a big wedding. In fact, I am starting to feel overwhelmed by the idea of a wedding. The Pandemic as postponed the issue for me, but now that lots of social distancing restrictions have lifted, people keep asking me when our wedding will be. There is no date. Jack has suggested a month in 2022, but I told him I was happy to wait for things to settle Pandemic-wise before we started making bookings.

I would have eloped with Jack the moment he asked me to marry him. I would have happily married him during the past eighteen months with a maximum of six people, (which I think would have included us, the minister, the registrar and two witnesses) only Jack was not keen on that at all.

It’s all on ice still. But I love Jack. I will be his wife, even though if I have to go through the torture of a wedding. I want a marriage with the man I love…and if I have to go through the wedding day part of it, I will.

14 thoughts on “I Want A Marriage Not A Wedding”

  1. could you have a small private ceremony now and a family and friends party/reception later to celebrate later when it is safe and the wedding pressure is off?


  2. You are right that your marriage, your life together is the most important thing. But I know you Melody…and I know that even if you find the idea of the wedding overwhelming, on the day, you will be so glad to be able to see so many people who love you. I also know that once you get onto the dance floor, you will forget what you were ever worried about.


  3. There is nothing more admirable than two people who see eye-to-eye, keeping house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends. (Homer, 9th century B.C.)


  4. Hey! Excellent blog…both of you must decide on what you will compromise on…but your wedding day is a great day and you two coming together to Form a family is beautiful. Make sure you both are on the same page


    1. Thanks for your lovely comment.
      Don’t worry there will definitely be compromising. I am happy with his decisions. If he wants a big wedding, a big wedding it will be. It will be a special day. But for me, I am looking forward to the rest of our life together much more than the wedding itself.


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