A Little Treat For Me

I always find gifts strange. They are mostly useless, or just not what something I would ever choose to buy for myself.

But every now and then…there is something that ticks all the right boxes. During the Pandemic, I have expanded my collection of spices. I had so many that they were becoming very disorganized in the cupboards. Sometimes I was buying spices that I had already had (because it was hard to see them in the cupboard.

Customer image

So, the treat for me – a beautiful new spice rack – made with oak and slate and some chrome bars to keep the spice jars in place.

So useful, so well made, so beautiful – I just love it!!!

We are all so different – if someone gives me a box of chocolates, or a bottle of wine, or jewellery, they end up in the cupboard and jar and are forgotten about…until I decide to give them to someone else.

But my spice rack is a keeper!!! It is on display in my kitchen and every time I see it I want to smile. So thank you to the person who paid for it. I am very grateful…and it really is a lovely little treat for me!

5 thoughts on “A Little Treat For Me”

  1. That is awesome. Those are the gifts that people who really know you will get. When your face lights up from within and the joy is so spontaneous that is an awesome thing to watch. 🙂


    1. I have to admit Jay-lyn – I always feel awkward receiving things as gifts – for so many reasons. I like hugs, I like something lovely like a cooked meal, or an evening together having a drink – but things – I just feel awkward, because I know it is very unlikely I will keep them. I always say thank you though. But yes….when there is a thing I actually really really like and will use – it is nice.


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