The Silent Cyclist Who Didn’t Say Sorry

Another re-post!!! I have now fully recovered from my injuries!

I was wandering through the park on my way home, (where cyclists are not supposed to ride their bikes, but they can push them) enjoying some late afternoon sunshine….when BOOM!!

Yes…I said BOOM!!

A cyclist ploughed into me. I was shocked. And it hurt. I turned around and saw that the cyclist was distressed. My first thoughts and words were: “are you ok?” She was silent. She was shaking and seemed completely bewildered. I asked her again, “are you ok?” There was still no response. So I said to her, “we both had a shock didn’t we.” She was clearly lost for words. Anyway, she seemed to be alright, so I said “take care” and carried on along my way.

But it was only when I carried on walking that I realized how much my left leg hurt. And now that I am home I can report there are distinctly blue marks all over my leg. I have lathered on some arnica cream…and I am running a bath because I am feeling rather sore.

I am not anti-cyclists. I am anti-lycra – eeeeeyuw! But hey…I do have a problem with cyclists ploughing into me and not even saying sorry. Oh well…she was probably just horrified at what had happened.

34 thoughts on “The Silent Cyclist Who Didn’t Say Sorry”

  1. I had this happen to me while I was in high school and that person didn’t say they were sorry either. They actually said I was in their way, like it was my fault than ran me down. I’m not exactly invisible and neither were you. There’s no excuse for bike riders running down walkers, not one. I hope you feel better soon.

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    1. I was just walking along and she hit me from behind. But I think she must have seen me. I think she lost control of her bike…and she did seem in complete shock. It was just odd that she did not say anything at all.

      In that part of the park, there are signs telling cyclists to dismount because there is a kiddies play area and it could be dangerous. So she should not have even been on her bike. Bikes are allowed on the other side of the park where there is a big wide stretch with lots of space.

      I will forget all about it tomorrow – but right now I am feeling a bit sore.

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      1. I got hit from behind too. There is no accounting for why she didn’t say anything. Maybe she didn’t know what to say. Feel better soon!!!!!

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    1. I am all for any kind of transport that does not pollute – I prefer Shanks Pony myself. And I know some cyclists have a really rough time on the roads. I would be too scared to cycle through London roads.

      I was just surprised that the cyclist who hit me yesterday did not say anything. If I had hit someone, I would want to make sure they were alright. She just seemed so shocked she did not say a word.

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  2. Hope the leg gets better quickly. It’s because of your secret ninja skills.

    York is very cycle friendly. Many cycle lanes have been provided but you still get the some Lycra clad cruise missiles deciding to use the pavements. Basically as a walker you spend the whole time bracing for impact.

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    1. Lycra-clad cruise missiles – lol!
      There are bikes and bike lanes around London. Normally pedestrians are the ones floating into the cycle lane and causing them trouble…and of course cars on the road, some drivers are quite aggressive to cyclists.
      But in the park…where I was on a pavement in an area cyclists are asked to dismount – I did have a fright. Clearly not as much as she did.


        1. What would the world be coming to when we have to arm ourselves with sponge-cake body armour and sponge-cake missiles?

          Anyway…I still have half a cucumber…(sorry to show off!) which would probably have more impact than sponge cake!

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  3. Am so sorry to hear you were injured – i suspect and hope that the shock was worse than the physical damage?

    These days i’d be inclined to think that if someone did something that stupid/selfish/thoughtless and did not respond when i spoke to them it was because they did not speak a word of English and could not read any signs telling them not to ride a bike or watch out for pedestrians etc. Either that or they were spaced out on some mind-altering substance.

    I was one of the ‘mamil’s ( middle aged men in lycra ) racing around like a demon on my 27 inch lightweight racer. While i rode fast (and often) i never hit anyone… I might have put the fear of God into a few pedestrians hogging the whole of a cyclepath once in a while, but i always gave warning of my approach (often ignored or not heard/understood) by ringing a bell and rode with the safety of others, and especially myself, in mind.

    I also had a few close calls myself from the ‘other side’ when having to ‘share’ a roadway with much larger, and more deadly vehicles, than my own form of transport. I would not dream of riding my bike without wearing decent safety headgear… those video clips make it obvious why. πŸ˜‰


    1. In London there are so many languages spoken, that is a possibility. But she did not even try to say anything in another language. I think she was completely shocked and perhaps scared of an angry reaction. I was not angry, just completely shocked myself. I didn’t realize until I started walking that my leg was so bashed.

      Even today at work, I have struggled. I have to work until around 10pm tonight and I am hobbling. Other than the obvious bruises I have, I am wondering if my shin is splintered because it is really hurting. She hit me from behind but my left leg was behind me, and it is my shin that is hurting the most.

      I am too scared to cycle on the roads here in London. It is scary! I like a nice bike-rode in the country-side. I used to do that a lot with friends when I lived in Berkshire and I used to cycle with my Dad and friends up in Lancashire – until someone broke into the shed and stole our bikes 😦

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      1. Maybe it was a drug thingy then – or just shock? Just don’t ‘bump’ into her again – ok? πŸ˜‰

        The close call i had on my bike (when i was cycling home from University at dusk on a wet grey day along a 6 lane highway) resulted in me just missing being run over by a car that was turning right onto a side street and smashing into a 6 inch high kerb and flying over the handlebars onto the verge and not, fortunately, on the roadway. But i smashed the metal pedal onto the front of my shin breaking skin, but no bone.

        I still have the scar some 40 years later and a lump. Shins can be very sore places having very little flesh between the skin and shinbone to ‘soften’ the blow. You may feel pain for quite a while i’m afraid, but hopefully there is no break. I think walking would be near impossible if it was?

        Here in Perth we are blessed with kilometre after kilometre of wonderful cycleways and dual use paths (cyclists/pedestrians) along our beautiful river foreshore and our freeways. I could ride to work 15 km one way and back virtually without ever riding on a road! πŸ™‚

        I remember having my bike stolen from where i parked it at work one time…. it was Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas! 😦

        From the roads i’ve seen on british TV shows i would be terrified of riding on them in the countryside – you are a better man than me, Gungadin! πŸ˜‰

        Hope you feel better soon. If you have swelling where you were hit try and reduce it to ease pain – cold compress or a pressure bandage maybe?

        My mum swears by vaseline for reducing bruises. πŸ˜‰

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        1. Ouch! You did have a real close shave there – scary scary.

          I have a friend in Sweden who was knocked off the road by a car and ended up in a coma for months. But he recovered from his injuries and went onto cycle through Europe. My friends met him while he was cycling through England and they put him up overnight (which is why we all went to Sweden). He was doing really well until someone stole his bike in Spain.

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          1. I have a pretty strong self-preservation instinct and am very wary of cars and their drivers when i’m on my bike! That’s probably how i’ve ended up living this long with most of my limbs intact! πŸ˜‰

            Good to hear that your friend made a recovery! I think all cyclists have had at least one of their bikes stolen! πŸ˜‰

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  4. My first though was I wonder if she was not good at English?
    Or, maybe she knew she was in the wrong, and was afraid you’d tell her off?

    It is a shitty thing to do though, especially if cyclists are not meant to ride in that park. I hope you’re okay!


    1. It was odd…I am still a bit bewildered by her silence. I think even if she was not English – if you injure someone you would probably say sorry in your own language automatically?
      I think she was really shocked and yes, maybe she was expecting me to become angry with her.
      Nevermind – my leg is nicely mending. Bruises are brown now.

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  5. I don’t have nothing against cyclists either but this incidents are quite dangerous and painful. I understand it was a shock for both of you, but you’re hurt and she even did not say sorry. That I think it should go beyond her shock though.


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