I’ve Been Missing the Rhythym!

I have started to use headphones. This is a new thing for me. I have not really used headphones since I was at school.

If I ever have chance to watch television I tend to keep the volume turned down ridiculously low – either on 2 or 3 do it does not disturb anyone. To my horror, Jack turns it up to around 35-40 when he comes over.

But I found some headphones by surprise. I remember buying them in 2019 to take them to Australia for the long haul flight. But they did not work. I had to use the airline’s own headphones.

It turns out they are very good. I have been listening to music with my headphones over the last couple of weeks and I am noticing all sorts of things I had not noticed before.

Glass, Wall, People, Woman, Girl, Hair

2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Missing the Rhythym!”

  1. I am like you regarding sound. I like to keep my tv turned down in the 10 range but at times like when watching Netflix I am forced to crank it up to 35 just to hear. I worried that Loki was driving neighbors nuts with his incessant crying (first summer as male fixed Tom but a Tom nonetheless) I will be happy when those hormones settle down. I was outside and with window open Loki was crying inside and I could barely hear him. Before you think I am an old meanie letting him cry he does it all day long. He talks. A lot. I just wish I knew what he was telling me. 🙂


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