What Will Change For Me On Monday?

So apparently Monday is the lifting of all sorts of social distancing restrictions, limits on the numbers who gather and the abandonment of facemasks (however, individuals and some other entities can decide what works best for them). Perhaps some of us are a little bit confused at present.

I now know that nothing will really change for me. We have received directives to say that healthcare workers will still wear full PPE – we will be wearing facemasks masks all day long, testing twice-weekly and continuing with our super-vigilant cleaning procedures. I think some of my colleagues may have mixed feelings about that, but I think it makes sense. Our patients are also expected to wear facemasks and if they don’t have one, we are to give them one and ask them to don it. Of course we are hoping nobody starts kicking off and behaving badly about that!

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Thank goodness public transport in London will still require facemasks. I was on a bus at the weekend with several people breathing in my breath and I was breathing theirs in – we were sandwiched together. It was not a nice situation. I think anyone would be an intrepid soul to gamble on boarding a bus or train in London without a facemask.

Will I be rushing off to a nightclub to get sweaty with hundreds of youngsters? Not on your nelly!

However…I can see that in some areas, including some of the remote parts of the countryside where some of my family live, I am sure the lifting of restrictions will be welcome there. They have observed all the directions, staying at home, not allowing visitors, wearing facemasks, strict limits on numbers when some social gatherings were allowed – despite living halfway up a mountain that not even the postman can be bothered trekking up.

But as for me….in London….working in healthcare – it looks as if nothing is going to change on Monday. To be honest…I don’t have any complaints about that at all.

You are all going to have to wait a little while longer to see my beautiful smile!

9 thoughts on “What Will Change For Me On Monday?”

  1. I would not dream of getting onto a bus or train without a facemask. I will be wearing facemasks at the shops and any other public places we go to. We have enjoyed having lots of little garden parties over the past few months and we will probably continue doing that for the next few months. I am certainly not planning a holiday abroad, we will enjoy our breaks within this land. It is all too stressful to think of going overseas right now – not worth it.

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  2. I don’t understand why people think it is ok to go back to the way things were before. Things have changed. We need to continue with some safety restrictions long-term. Going back to packed venues is not a good idea.


  3. I’ll definitely be wearing a mask in any indoor public places and I’ll continue socialising outside. I’m glad we still have to wear masks at work, even though I find them uncomfortable. I’m hoping others will wear masks too, to protect others. On Monday I was pleased to see nearly everyone still wearing masks in a small local supermarket.


    1. You are so right about the Pandemic being an opportunity to learn and grow.

      We still wear PPE at work and keep up a strict cleaning schedule – and you know something, nobody is keen to abandon that. Cleaning feels good! Plus, in the past couple of weeks, we suddenly have this influx of people coming through our doors who clearly don’t have covid – but have very chesty coughs and fuming colds. We don’t really want to catch those either.

      There are things that I am glad I have been able to enjoy again though. I love my family so very much. I saw them at the end of 2019, and then the Pandemic curbed all our plans for 2020. I was able to see a small number of my family once in August 2020 for a wedding anniversary and we had an outdoor afternoon tea party, which was lovely. Then I did not see them for almost an entire year because of London being placed in Tier 4 in mid-December. I was able to go up to see them again at the end of June and had two weeks with my family – which was very special.

      Since things have been opening up here, have enjoyed seeing more of my friends – but this summer, almost all of our socialising has been done outside – in gardens etc. When we have been inside, the doors and windows have all been open to keep air circulating.

      We will still be careful over the winter. But I have learnt that there is great pleasure to be had in spending an evening exclusively with Jack – and I look forward to more of those in the darker, colder months ahead.


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