Isn’t Summer Wonderful!!

England has had a beautiful lull of weather for the past couple of weeks. It is just glorious. I was laying down staring up at the blue sky at the weekend, enjoying the feel of the sunshine my skin. It is such a joy after the long cold grey winter (when we had to stay at home) and the very wet spring we had.

Girl Lying On The Grass, Girl, Legs

I love Jack. I love him and he has made me so happy. But I miss Goldfinch. It is almost two years since I saw him. I never thought that would be possible. How is it possible to be separated from someone you love to the core for two years?

I would go out of my mind if it was not for being able to email him. Love feels like sunshine. It radiates, it warms, it revives. I love summer so much. I love that all the tension melts away from my body. I love the colours and the scents…I love not having to wear a coat. It is a way of life I adore.