The Gradual Lifting Of Restrictions

I have not really let myself dwell on all the things we have missed out on during the Pandemic. Some of those things – for example eating at a restaurant – well I know from my travels that there are countless millions upon millions of people who have never had the chance to go to a restaurant and be waited on. So it seems wrong, totally wrong, to bemoan not having luxuries that others find hard to imagine.

I have missed hugs. I have missed being in the same room as my family and friends. I have missed many of the projects and training sessions where I was able to see volunteers I have worked with many times for years. But restaurants, theatre, cinema, commercial flights – I have not missed those things.

But now that some of the restrictions we have had here in the UK are gradually lifting, I am enjoying some of those experiences. I have enjoyed being in the gardens of friends having a drink and a laugh with them. I enjoyed Jack taking me out for lunch. We have no plans for the cinema yet – not much in the movie world looks remotely interesting currently.

I am looking forward to seeing my family at last – which hopefully I will in July (so long as “the numbers” stay low!) and being able to hug them!!

7 thoughts on “The Gradual Lifting Of Restrictions”

    1. I am still very mindful of other people around me Sadje. I think the government have tried to stick to a slow lifting of restrictions, and so far, things seem to have been going well. But now there is a lit of media attention regarding cases of another variant of the virus that seem to be increasing across the North of England, and in Leicester, Bedford and Hounslow. So, I think after the events of the past 14 months, we have to be prepared for any change of plan.

      I did feel nervous dining indoors. The staff were great, but some other diners recognised Jack, and approached him. He was very kind to them, but pointed out that with covid still being around, he would prefer for them to keep a distance. He let them take a photo of him (something I always find a little weird, but it is just life to him) and then they returned to their table. It was awkward. But the rest of our lunch was nice. I can see the staff are doing a lot more cleaning than they normally would.

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