The Gradual Lifting Of Restrictions

I have not really let myself dwell on all the things we have missed out on during the Pandemic. Some of those things – for example eating at a restaurant – well I know from my travels that there are countless millions upon millions of people who have never had the chance to go to a restaurant and be waited on. So it seems wrong, totally wrong, to bemoan not having luxuries that others find hard to imagine.

I have missed hugs. I have missed being in the same room as my family and friends. I have missed many of the projects and training sessions where I was able to see volunteers I have worked with many times for years. But restaurants, theatre, cinema, commercial flights – I have not missed those things.

But now that some of the restrictions we have had here in the UK are gradually lifting, I am enjoying some of those experiences. I have enjoyed being in the gardens of friends having a drink and a laugh with them. I enjoyed Jack taking me out for lunch. We have no plans for the cinema yet – not much in the movie world looks remotely interesting currently.

I am looking forward to seeing my family at last – which hopefully I will in July (so long as “the numbers” stay low!) and being able to hug them!!