Oh What To Read?

I found myself with an evening alone (because Jack had to make an appearance at a special charity event – socially distanced of course) at the weekend, and decided that I wanted to read something. I really did. Nothing to do with work or what is going on in the world – but some engrossing, enjoyable fiction.

Of course, my reading list now includes a large selection of both paperbacks and Kindle editions of books that have been written by bloggers right here on WordPress. There are so many great books I have read (and I still have lots of Caramel’s Corner Reviews waiting to be finished in my drafts folder so I can tell you what I thought of them).

But this week I read a post from Jacob Nyamake’s WEDNESDAY WRITER series, featuring WordPress writer/blogger Paula Harmon. I loved the interview, but I also checked out her books on Amazon and downloaded Books 1-3 of The Casper & Fleet Mysteries. What a treat!!!

Two Victorian young women become a mystery solving duo whilst dealing with all of the challenges of their era – from corsets to chaperones – both with their own interesting storyline. I loved getting to know Katherine and Connie and found it so easy to read chapter after chapter without wanting to put my tablet down.

I love that Book One – which I have read all of and can’t wait to get stuck into Book Two – traverses parts of London. As a resident of London myself, it is so easy to conjure up an image of those places nowadays.

Paula Harmon and co-writer Liz Hedgecock have produced a fantastic duo, incredibly enjoyable to read about, and I am really looking forward to reading the rest of their series.