I Will Never Ignore My Phone Again

I was going through my older posts, deciding which ones to republish and I saw this one (originally published on the 11th September 2019) and when I read it…well, all the memories came back!! Wow!!

phoneWhenever my phone rings, I feel nervous knots. I shouldn’t feel that way, but all the time people ring me asking me for favours. Will I go earlier, stay later, do extra, lend a hand, lend some money, change my plans? For the most part I am happy to do all of the above, but sometimes it gets a bit much. I start to not want to answer my phone any more.

In fact sometimes, I let the caller start to leave a message on the answer service, so that I can hear who it is and decide whether I can cope with answering. I know it’s naughty.

I noticed this morning that someone tried to ring my landline a few times, but didn’t leave a message. They hung up as soon as the answer service message began. So the next time the phone rang, I answered it straight away.

amazed.jpgI am still reeling after that phone call. A mix of shock and wonder and disbelief right now.  And relief and joy and amazement. You might be wondering what the call was about. Well, I am going to sit on it for the moment. I will wait and see what happens as a result of today’s telephone call.

However there is a part of me that wants to rush out and start setting off fireworks! Believe me there are fireworks going off inside my heart! I don’t think you will guess who called me! I already thought about baking some profiteroles and buying a bottle of champagne – is it sad that all I could think of to celebrate something so wonderful on my own was baking and drinking champagne?

I have been kind of “buzzing” all day. I went out on a sort of jog through the woods (I was scared to trip on the uneven path so I was going fairly slowly), but I found myself skipping when I thought nobody was looking. Later tonight I am going to treat myself to a bubble bath and shave my legs. I want to be in bed already. I am feeling a mix of elation, relief and the urge to cry bucket loads of tears right now.

Miracles happen. Maybe it’s too early to call it that. But what happened today was something I had given up hope of ever happening. And I was promised that today wouldn’t be a one-off. I have been promised another phone call within the next few days. I will have to wait and see.