I Took The Plunge

You may (or may not) remember that a few months ago, I made the decision to change my “theme” after almost three years of blogging. I only did it for one reason really. I wanted a theme that allowed me to display my books, each with a link to Amazon.

I changed my theme, and I had some lovely feedback….only…..well, that theme was just not really doing it for me. I have been very short on free time in recent months. Work – both paid and unpaid – has been busy!!! I am spending time with Jack, staying in touch with friends and family. I have relied on republishing some of my older posts during the past few months.

But everytime I looked at my site, I just felt a little deflated. I did not connect with the theme I had switched to. I wanted to go back to the first one that was so blue with a little turquoise – and so uplifting to me. I wanted my blog to be my happy little place – a place I go to share my feelings and my joys, and occasionally discuss challenges and how I have tried to overcome them.

Well….after an hour of thinking about it one night in bed….I decided I needed to change the theme again. I needed to find a theme that would allow me to make my blog a happy place again. I asked a couple of bloggers who have gorgeous sites which themes they were using. I decided to go for it!! I decided to take the plunge into a new theme.

Last night I did exactly that….and now….I love looking at my site. I can see there is the potential to do so much more….and I will. I just need to find some time to play around with widgets and the like!

I want my blog to be a site I enjoy. 95% of the time I stay in the WP Reader. But when I do visit my site, I want to enjoy it…and of course, I want you to enjoy it too!!