I Dreamed A Dream

Here is another post from the archives. Apparently, I originally published this post in January 2019, about nine months before Jack picked up the phone and sought to make peace with me. It still gives me goosepimples to think of how much our situation changed. At the start of 2019…I would never ever have guessed that by the end of the year, I would be telling my family that Jack and me were romantically involved. What a turn around!!!

I don’t often remember my dreams. I am a heavy sleeper and most nights, I seem to close my eyes as soon as I rest my head on the pillow and then open then a few seconds later when my alarms are sounding. But I had a dream a few weeks ago that has played on my mind ever since. I was chatting to Cadie Mclendon, the creator of Cadie’s Corner after she recently published a post about a dream she had.

My brain trying to filter my thoughts, feelings, memories and experiences and translating them into a vision that made sense of what goes on inside of my mind and heart.

In my dream, I was pressured to accept a role in a live performance that would take place at a large theatre and would be filmed for television broadcast. I was reluctant, because although I have taken part in other performances, in this role I would be one of the main features of the show along with my male co-star.

But he wanted me to be in that role. The show was very important to him. He asked and asked again and again, until I finally agreed. He had led me to believe he wanted me to be part of a show that meant so much to him.

But then came the rehearsals.

The problems started during rehearsals. He was grumpy and difficult. He showed no enthusiasm. I was frantically trying to learn my lines and all of the stage directions. But when it came to the two of us rehearsing together, he would not make eye contact with me and delivered his lines in a monotone, matter-of-fact style, without any attempt to bring the lines to life and breath character into them.

I appealed to him. Right there I asked him to please put more effort into rehearsing. After all, this was his baby. He kept on making feeble excuses and claiming that it would be different on the night.

But when that night came, he was even more grumpy and awkward. I asked him what the problem was. His reaction was to grimace at me and blame me for making it difficult for him. Then just as the curtain was about to lift, he walked out. He called out that he was not going to do this. He glared at me and said: “You’re on your own Caramel!”

I had cameras pointing at me and thousands of spectators in the live audience staring at me. I was on my own to handle the opening part of the show which was designed for two people. How could I deliver the lines I had been memorizing with no one to reply with his own lines?

The level of embarrassment and awkwardness I felt was devastating. I was so mad that my co-star had begged me to take on the lead female role next to him and had now walked out and left me on stage in front of all those onlookers on my own.

So I had to be spontaneous. Somehow I managed to entertain the crowd enough to make them enjoy the show. I made them laugh. I sang and they seemed to be enjoying my performance. I just tried to throw myself into entertaining the crowds on my own, all the time hiding my angst about my co-star’s abandoning me.

It was truly the performance of a life-time. Inside I was bewildered, furious, outraged – but I hid it from all those thousands of onlookers. They sat there enjoying themselves and laughing and had no idea of my true feelings or what my co-star had done.


Now you may have already guessed who I was dreaming about. Jack!

He chased me for months. Then when he moved in with me, he became grumpy and moody. He dragged me into the limelight, so that I was receiving unwanted attention and interest in my personal life from thousands including complete strangers. Cameras from people who never asked my permission shot photographs of me that I had no control over. And what did Jack do? He pulled out. He abandoned me to deal with the situation on my own. I think I did a pretty good job on the whole. I was always dignified and courteous no matter how invasive and offensive the attention became.

But boy did I have mixed feelings toward Jack after he thrust me up onto a stage in front of everyone and then refused to support me. He did not shoulder any responsibility.

Infuriating! Especially so as I still love him inside and out.

It’s not difficult to forgive a man you love so deeply. But while he remains so aloof and has not lifted a finger to ease the pain he initiated, it is impossible to forget.

15 thoughts on “I Dreamed A Dream”

  1. He doesn’t deserve your love.
    If it was possible to forget him, you should have.
    As far as I know you, you 2 don’t match. He seems to be a careless , selfish person. Be strong girl, leave the past behind and walk to the future.

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    1. Aaaaah Novus,

      He may have messed up when it came to his dealings with me – but Jack is an incredible man.

      He is one of the most self-sacrificing men I have ever met. He has helped so many young men who were on a very dangerous road in life to break free and clean up their lives. He has got them involved in all sorts of projects. He is an inspiration. He has worked as a volunteer all over the world and has learnt to speak the languages of the countries he has worked in fluently. He does seem to have a gift for language learning.
      He is affable, gregarious, and sooooo funny. I fell in love with all that.

      The issue between us have always revolved around his celebrity status and the interest that he draws from so many people. He seems to be thick skinned and used to people saying whatever they want about him. I couldn’t cope with it…it started with teasing about a romantic connection between us, then once he moved into the flat, people were claiming all sorts was going on between us – they did not hold back in using their imagination to describe what they thought Jack and I were sharing in – WHICH WE WERE NOT!!!

      Jack did not seem to want to help dampen down all this attention, there are some incidents which made me think Jack was feeding it. It’s hard to convey how invasive I found the attention that came with being linked to Jack. But it made life miserable and made things incredibly awkward between Jack and I. I decided to move out of our flat because life seemed miserable. But I think Jack took that as a massive rejection.

      Things became worse than ever – leading to a disaster for me.

      Novus, I love Jack – I have no hopes of ever being close to him again. But I want peace with him – desperately. Can’t move forwards with this rift effecting us and all of our friends and colleagues too. I need to be able to be in the same room as him without feeling scared, or bursting into tears.

      To me – Jack is superior to all other men.


      1. 😮😮😮😮!!
        Sounds like a difficult situation.
        I understand.
        I didn’t know that he was such a man. I’m sorry.
        I really hope that he’ll want to make peace with you too.


  2. I dreamed I created a new dance, proponents using their bodies to spell out the word ‘Monday’ – the Happy Monday’s world-wide hit. I woke up in my excitement convinced for a second that I was about to make my fortune before I realised (a) It is a physical impossibility to bend ones body into any of the constituent letters of ‘Monday’ and that (b) the Happy Mondays (and I was no fan of theirs) never had a hit of that name. Ah well, back to the day job.

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  3. It’s hard at times to forget anyone who has caused you pain, but one door closes and a hundred open, their always better for those who keep themselves pure at heart.

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    1. I have tried to make sure I let joy and wonderful dominate my life, but that pain is there buried within. What happened with Jack led to an event that literally turned my world upside down. I would love to have peace with him. We will see.

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