Distracted By A Despicable Me

In order to lighten my thoughts, I am trying to make sure I have a bit of fun. I don’t want to be arriving in Australia with a heavy heart and shaken up by unwelcome flashbacks.

I am trying to make sure I have a little time having just fun with friends to distract myself as much as possible. I went round to the home of some friends last weekend for a take-away and when they asked me to pick a DVD to watch, I chose Despicable Me 2 – because it makes me laugh!

Oh and it did! I was laughing and laughing (as if I had not seen it at least ten times already!) I think keeping busy is a wise thing. I am working a lot. Tasks such as packing my things for Australia and trying to make the flat ready for the holiday maker who will be here while I am away, are occupying attention when I am not at work.

While we were watching Despicable Me 2, one of my friends cried “It’s Jack!” I used to say the same thing (I don’t say it now.) The way Jack was with most women. Jack was English but he spoke fluent Russian (not an easy language to learn) and Romanian, amongst other languages. Also Jack used to wear a black leather jacket throughout the winter with a grey scarf when it was cold. And Jack had hundreds of followers (his minions) who were always laughing and giggling.

I was in love with Gru! I do find that kind of makes me laugh to myself. I found this video that has a man commentating on Gru’s story in “Despicable Me 2″…I don’t know what to make of him, but I love the clips that have been compiled in this trailer.