On A Clear Day…I Can See Which Decision To Make

clear.jpgSometimes it is hard to make sense of what to do next, which choice to make, and how to live one’s life. Other times, everything is very simple and clear. In fact you are deluged by reasons to make a certain decision.

It seems obvious that regardless of the decision you make, there will be challenges. But if you feel that you will have more energy to overcome those challenges and will be far more likely to be happy with one decision…you are nudged in that direction. When things seem so clear and so obvious, why keep second guessing yourself? (Because we all have a treacherous heart that likes to justify what is actually bad for us!)

Living for well over thirty years has taught me that if it turns out to be a bad decision, it is alright, you can change direction at any point and forge a new route.



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