…And Yet I Did!!!


There are a long long list of things that I never thought I could do…and yet I did!!!

  • Work in cancer care
  • Be with somebody I loved when they died
  • Become a professional cook
  • Learn British Sign Language and become an interpreter
  • Be on stage in front of an audience of 15,000
  • Leave home!
  • Move to London
  • Sing in front of a live audience of strangers
  • Learn to ski
  • Go scuba-diving
  • Bake my own bread
  • Learn construction skills like plaster-boarding, roof tiling, and all aspects of decorating
  • Learn how to use a marble paint effect
  • Walk twenty-two miles in one day
  • Run for ten miles
  • Swim five metres across the swimming pool
  • Swim two miles along a river (outdoor swimming)
  • Teach other people how to swim
  • Help to cut the toe-nails of sheep
  • Drive a Mercedes Benz
  • Fall in love again after my teenage sweetheart and I broke up after nine years
  • Train a team who had never wall-papered before so we could complete the decorating of a venue in one day
  • Become a professional gardener
  • Learn to mix cement to make mortar for brick-laying
  • Travel to construction projects all over the country on my own
  • Dig an oil-tanker out of the snow
  • Leave my well-paid job in finance
  • Qualify to be an international volunteer
  • Write poems
  • Start a blog-site

When I was a child I was lively, yet painfully shy at times. I liked to read and write and play sports and climb trees. I was a great swimmer. However, outside of that I did not think I was very talented or capable. I did not think I had the potential for anything much. But life is full of surprises,

I learnt not to be afraid of change and new situations. I was very secure living in the family home I had grown up in around people who had watched me grow from birth. Leaving home was a frightening. I learnt so much about my potential and my ability to learn and be trained. I also realized my parents really had taught us every life lesson we would need to guide us with new decisions. I found myself in situations I never imagined myself in and experiencing things I would never have even allowed myself to dream about. There is a very long list of things:

“I NEVER THOUGHT I COULD”, …and yet I did!!!

I found it very hard to decide which of the subjects listed to write about, so I will just mention one situation. I worked at the head office of a major retail chain for eight years. From the age of eighteen to twenty-six. I worked there part-time, but I was paid a full-time wage (that was because I was doing the same amount of work that two full-timers used to do before). Because I worked part-time, I was able to spend a lot of time on voluntary projects for various charities.

Newbury2I was invited by a friend who co-orinated many projects in the south of England to move to a part of the country where the cost of living was high compared to up north, and therefore there were not as many volunteers. There were a lot of projects in that area waiting for more volunteers. When I handed my resignation letter in to my manager in the finance department I worked in, she asked if I had a source of income arranged in the south. My plan was to move and then apply for jobs. She made sure that the company I worked for very kindly helped me to relocate to the south of England and arranged for me to have a part time job in a neighbouring town to where I was living.

It became obvious very quickly that the journey to and from work was epic. I was travelling for longer than I was working. I gave in my notice and started to apply for other jobs in finance. But I only saw full-time roles advertised. That’s when I was offered a job as a private cook catering for a household. My reaction was: “BUT I CAN’T COOK!” They laughed and said I would be fine, they liked me and trusted me. They even gave me a cop of Delia Smith’s famous cookbook and told me to read it and refer back to it whenever I was in doubt.

I absolutely loved working as a cook. I cooked and baked everything from scratch. I learnt so much. It really boosted my confidence. I realized I did not ever want a desk job again. From then on I preferred physical work where I could learn new skills. I also found how much I loved being in people-orientated jobs and working out in the fresh air.

Again and again, I found myself earning my “bread and butter” through work I NEVER THOUGHT I COULD do…and yet I did!!!


This post was in response to the weekly writing prompt created by Sarah Elizabeth Moore.

Please feel free to create a post of your own and pingback to Sarah’s original prompt below:


26 thoughts on “…And Yet I Did!!!”

  1. Falling in love again is a little bit challenging. I don’t know why but the thought does scare.
    Also leaving home. I don’t know whether I can do that. Again.

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    1. After I broke up with him (and it was my own decision, but it was a very difficult one) I was deeply depressed. I didn’t want to eat, I kept crying, I didn’t want to go to any social events.

      My sisters and my parents were a great support. I had a couple of really close friends who helped me too. One of them especially was amazing. She had courted someone from the age of 16. They became engaged at the age of 19. A year later he told he was no longer attracted to her. She had a terrible time with her emotions after that. So it was so good that I had a small group I could rely on, they were so empathetic and gentle and they helped me to slowly recover.

      The odd thing is…although I did go out with men, I didn’t have a proper relationship with anyone else for years. Then I met Jack. Jack was the first person I fell in love with after Jammy (James). I truly feel I loved Jack even more than I ever loved Jammy, and yet the relationship I had with Jack turned out disastrously.

      After I was attacked, I was very nervous around men. I had one special friend who wrote to me everyday for a year and I thought I would start a relationship with, but it did not work out. Then another man who was very kind and treated me like a princess wanted to take me out. He was nice company, but I think he only wanted me as a toy…I explained I did not want that. Then a complete idiot wanted to date me…he was probably the most disappointing male friend I have ever had – he was only interested in smut.

      It was after I realized that and I was pretty fed up with men all together, that on day Goldfinch waltzed into my life, I have had the most wonderful year with him. He has left me with a positive feeling about falling in love.


      1. That is truly wonderful!
        You sure are lucky to have found him.
        Relationships are tricky, some are like quick sand too but if we are careful, at least a little, it helps us in the long run.
        I was not very wise a few years back. But I did learn a lot, so I am here taking my time to think on this topic for now.

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  2. I love this. It’s almost like a brave list. When a child has anxiety, a technique to show them how brave they are is to write all the courageous things down so they can pull one out of the box. You’ve done so many great things!

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    1. I started to compile the list simply to try to figure out which one of those subjects I was going to write about. But the list became very encouraging to me.
      The last few years have gone a bit side-ways since I was attacked. Sometimes I have felt discouraged because I still have not made it back to my home and career.
      But I should be pleased that I have been able to learn to do things I never thought I could and had so many enriching experiences.

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  3. Yes!!!!

    Another wonderful response to the writing prompt! I love your perspective, and I’m so proud of you for overcoming so much and adapting… growing… changing… being the best YOU you can be! Such an encouragement for us all. Love you, friend!

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    1. Sarah, I do love your prompts.
      When I saw this one I wondered which subject to write about. That’s why I started the list. But as the list grew, it made me feel happy about life. So many opportunities arose unexpectedly. I never thought I would do so many of those things. But life is so surprising when you are open to learning new things and making new friends.

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