Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

Hang Out, Plush Toys, Kermit

Boys will be boys! Always competing, determined to outdo one another. Egging each other on to perform yet another dangerous stunt. Willing to risk life and limb for the sake of bravado. All for love of the blonde bombshell with the curly tail, for whom both harboured a secret passion.

14 thoughts on “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

      1. It’s amazing really, when competing in love I always seemed to lose. And it’s ironic because the girls would always say that I was sweet, nice and a good guy. But they would go for the opposite every time.

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            1. All different though.
              I know what I like – but my friends may have very different preferences.

              I realize I like men who are like my Dad – humble, honest, down to earth, hard-working – not pretentious in any way. I fell head over heels with Goldfinch – he was confident and he knew how to enjoy life.

              I loved my ex-flatmate Jack (even though that turned out disastrously) he was gregarious and interested in people and hard-working and funny.

              Before that I was courted by my teenage sweetheart for years – for most of that time he was a very hard-working, clever, respectful, talented young man – I only started to draw away from him when he started to become superior and to put other people down – I did not like that at all.

              But of course I loved feeling loved by them. That was when I was at my happiest, feeling safe and secure in their love.

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              1. I went through some very strange phases of women before I finally met my wife. And I love and cleave to that woman as tight as anything because out of all women I went through, she was the one who stayed and held her part of the relationship up. And I know she gets aggravated with me about it, but I kind of lament over all the years before her because if we met sooner we could have experienced so much together and I wouldn’t have done some things I’ve done. But, she tells me to enjoy the time we have now. And I do, but I just feel like things could have been so much better..

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