Zingers Make You Feel Awful Afterwards

Last night I came home much earlier than I was expecting because there was an electrical outage at the venue I was going to be spending the evening.  The group I was with realized we were going to have to break off into smaller parties and enjoy the rest of the evening elsewhere.  Although I was torn because I had been looking forward to a night out with great friends, I…opted for home.  I was only ten minutes away from home and I dreaded the thought of heading off in the other direction and having to join the search for a restaurant or bar that was able to accommodate us without reservations.

Coming home early was the right decision.  I had a bath and pampered myself., with products from  the gift basket I was recently left by a good friend whom was a guest for a couple of nights in my sweet little abode.  I put on my pyjamas (my pyjamas are completely the opposite to diaphanous) and my snuggly socks and I rang one of my sisters and then two of my friends. After all that, I realized I still had time to catch up with reading posts from bloggers I love.

One of my favourite blogs is Everyday Strange created by L. Stevens.  Her Muse Of The Day two days ago (yes I am way way behind with my reading) in this post caught my eye:


Those words right at the end there…

“…remorse inevitably follows.”

…I have a story (another confession) which I am going to start and leave in my drafts folder to develop at a later date, of a time I delivered a zinger…and felt huge remorse afterwards.  It was one evening when Jack had pushed my buttons.  He seemed to think he could humiliate me in front of friends and others at social events.  My feelings had been brewing, and then in response to a rather sly remark, I delivered a zinger, a perfect blend of poetry and meanness!

Jack was shocked.  My friends were shocked.  I was shocked!  I did not know I had it in me to formulate a zinger and deliver it with such timing and precision that the whole room went quiet and Jack looked hurt to the core.

“….remorse inevitably followed!”

Oh Jack, how I wish I could take back my zinger!  You are the last man on the planet I would ever want to hurt or humiliate!

Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly illustrate the subject of zingers so well:




8 thoughts on “Zingers Make You Feel Awful Afterwards”

  1. Odd, I was thinking of that movie just today. “The exact thing I wanted to say, at the exact moment I wanted to say it.” Recently I had an encounter with my (truly) crazy aunt. She attacks people verbally and takes pleasure from causing discomfort. She tried to go after me and I gave her a zinger. I was completely floored that I could think of one and then deliver it, all without getting angry or flustered. “..and then comes the remorse.” Well I’m still waiting for it. That woman has attacked me and others all her life. She does not deserve any better than she gets. Or I’m just getting as old and nutty as she is. Very nice post this!

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    1. Thank you Melanie. I know some people probably do deserve to be on the receiving end of a zinger at times. But I am normally incredibly tactful and careful not to cause any offence so for me it was a big shock to my system!
      Thanks for your encouragement! I have come home from work and am stuck to the sofa….I don’t seem able to move right now!


    1. Where have you been? lol – you need to get a big bucket of popcorn – invite me and Paula Light – I am sure it is one of her favourite movies – over and we will try not to tell you what happens next….xx


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