I Was Really Going For It

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strictly.jpgMy head is in a bit of a whirl. I can’t wait to sleep tonight because at the moment thoughts and feelings are all on full volume…and it is exhausting!

I mentioned in my last post receiving a phone-call. The person who called…reminded me of something I rarely think about. The caller said they had been watching a video of me on stage when I was a contestant in a Bollywood version of Strictly Come Dancing. It was a charity thing I was involved in a few years ago.

TOWIE cast film for a Diwali episodeOh my…sometimes I hate videos and cameras! I remember what everyone said, “you were really going for it!” I was really going for it ok. And that’s exactly what everyone said! There were weeks and weeks of intense rehearsals. But I had to miss a lot because I was working with terminally ill patients and patients with dementia. WhiIe was at work all of the patients wanted to see me practice my dance routines in front of them.

But it meant I wasn’t up to speed with the rest of the contestants for a big dance we were doing with all of us performing synchronised, So I was able to receive some extra help. The choreographer came round to my flat and patiently trained me, my flat mate Marta joined in! We talked about it and it was agreed that I could dance near the back since I had missed so many rehearsals.

Anyway…the day of the live finale came. We had been practicing all afternoon and they decided to put me right at the front in the middle. I was mortified. But, it was all for charity. So I gave it all I’d got! The videos caught everything!

I don’t like video cameras!

22 thoughts on “I Was Really Going For It”

  1. Thank you this has brought back a forgotten memory. One of the first times we went to Switzerland they were shooting a Bollywood movie in the area next to the hotel. Amazing colours and a beautiful atmosphere. Strangely they didn’t need a Gumby Yorkshire extra.

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  2. Bollywood is wonderful. You don’t have to know what they’re talking about or understand the lyrics and still have a good time watching. Like in this case: I have no idea what I just saw, but I like it.

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