Only One You!

While I have worked for the NHS I have been very familiar with campaigns that were run in conjunction with the motto “There’s ONLY ONE YOU!” It is very true, each of us is unique. We don’t have to be a rebel or revolutionary to be unique. We just are unique. No two humans are completely identical – even identical twins can form very different opinions and views.

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Each step of our journey through life makes us unique. Billions of individual experiences shape who we are. It’s obvious when reading the work of other bloggers that each of us has a different story to tell. One blogger with a fascinating life-story, Rory (A Guy Called Bloke) has created the “3.2.1.Quote Me!” Challenges and has nominated me to create a post on the topic “Being You And Only You”.

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Dedicated Topic For Today: “Being You, Only You!”


you and only youI remembered that I was tagged for a “3.2.1 Quote Me!” Challenge on this same topic last year. At the time it was all new to me. I had only just discovered Rory (A Guy Called Bloke) and it was my first quote post. I didn’t know what to do!

This was my post back then:

The Britchy One Has Nominated Me For 3.2.1 – Quote Me! “Being You And Only You”

This time round, I have two different quotes, both of which struck more of a chord with me:

I chose this one because although I am not sure what the originator had in mind, it is something I certainly relate to. I am a people person. I like to walk this journey of life with people, not alone.

But it is very true, no can walk this walk through life for you. Sometimes I would have loved to have avoided some of the responsibilities that come with free will. But I have made decisions that for the most part I am very very happy about. I do have some regrets of course – mainly centred around my ex-flatmate Jack actually. And of course I regret going to the park on my own that night.

Making decisions and learning to live with them, and making the most of each new circumstance in life I have found myself in – its what makes me me. We all have our unique journey through life. It is great to walk with others, but we all have our own responsibilities and challenges that we alone have to carry.


I am content with who I am. I have a healthy amount of self-esteem. I am aware of some strengths and also aware of some weaknesses. I know my good habits and my bad habits. I know the parts of me that I am chuffed to bits about and am so grateful for all those who have helped build those parts of me. However, I also know there are parts I am not proud of and would like to change. But I know it’s important to remain balanced. Just as it is not good to think you are perfect and without reproach, neither is it healthy to feel you are unlovable and worthless.

I try to remember to keep aiming high. Regardless of how other people behave or how others may treat me, I want to be the best version of me. I want to keep aiming to be more beautiful – and I mean beautiful on the inside. I want to fortify all the good and eradicate the not so good. Everyday I will miss the mark in numerous ways. But I don’t let it conquer me. I think about why I may have been less than I would like to be, and think about what I would do differently if a similar situation confronts me.

Always learning, always growing, always balancing.


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Last year, I published a post about a stage in my life when I did have a real crises in confidence and something really encouraging that happened to me;

Every single person has their own road to walk, their own story to tell – every person is precious. There is only one you. We need you very much!!!

Ooooh…and now the three bloggers I am going to tag to take on the “3.2.1 Quote Me!” Challenge are: