Heal Us

still control me.jpg

You still have power over me

Your glare sends shivers down my spine

From miles away you still haunt me

Though I’m not yours and you’re not mine

Please don’t let anger consume you

It only makes you look so weak

I would love to sit down with you

And listen to you as you speak

Can we heal this rift between us?

I always pray to God above

With the hope that He can heal us

For you, I still cling to this love

8 thoughts on “Heal Us”

    1. Maybe fear is the wrong word.

      I am going to give you an example that I think you might to relate to, please don’t misunderstand me. Imagine someone in your life who you absolutely love, adore….yet their behaviour is rather unpredictable and causes challenges to you. I am not afraid of who Jack is at heart. But I am fearful because I don’t think he understood his own emotional reaction to the situation between us in the past. I am fearful because his use of social media is irresponsible (in my opinion). I am fearful because although he is a wonderful man, he is sometimes just a kid in the way he feels and reacts and behaves. He was like a blundering oaf who caused a lot of damage without ever intending too. I am fearful because that damage severely wounded me in many ways (I don’t mean to blame him in any way for what happened to me the night I was attacked).

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      1. No that is fear but as you say not fear of a person. Fear of circumstances and stuff you can’t control (maybe stuff he can’t control). That’s only natural. Is anxiety a better word. Don’t ask me I only got a C in English.


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