I Love Eddie Jones

Do you know who Eddie Jones is? Well – he is my new hero!

Toilets, Public, Lost Places, Loo

I am only vaguely aware of his career in rugby – I think he is head coach or manager or something important for England’s rugby team But that is not why he is my new hero.

The reason I am loving him at the moment is that he took what has been a grievous issue to me for years and made it seem so small with his analogy.

He basically compared social medial abuse online (which robbed me of joy for years) is the modern day equivalent of the writing on toilet walls. He added that the people who used to write on toilet walls are now writing on social media. Why or why would we pay attention to their opinion? I think he was effectively saying: DON’T TAKE ANY NOTICE OF IT!!!

I still think it was only because somewhere someone or maybe several people were jealous because their celebrity crush was linked with a caramel blonde that they began to troll me and use terms that belong in the gutter about me. They used insidious insults about me.

I know it might sound simple – but Eddy Jones just helped me put into perspective the barrage of online bullying, trolling, abuse – whatever you want to call it….and although I don’t really have much interest in rugby – I am so grateful to him for an insightful metaphor.

6 thoughts on “I Love Eddie Jones”

  1. I saw that quote on the news – vital when there are people out there who are targeting sports men and women with racist slurs.

    But Caramel – what kind of person – what kind of person would ever be unkind to someone who seems to be the epitome of kindness. That just shows what is probably obvious to everyone – the people who write or utter this abuse – they are purely jealous. They resent people who have something they don’t have – whether it is a Premier League footballer or Megan Markle – they are just jealous. They just don’t stop and think about how evil their words make them sound.


  2. Perhaps the earlier version of those people who were upset about a caramel blonde who they thought their favourite rugby player was interested in would have tracked down her phone number and written “for a good time call ######” in the toilets of any rugby stadium they could.


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