How To Use Flower Power

Have you felt it?  Especially when they are unexpected, the gift of a bouquet of flowers can resolve little misunderstandings, warm hearts that are frozen by pain, and elicit an array of unexpected emotions.  I have to admit I have more than once been beguiled by flower power when it caught me off my guard.

I have compiled a few friendly examples of flower power in use, which if you care to read you will find listed below:

I will first of all confess, that after reading “Villette” by Charlotte Bronte I went through a phase of claiming I would not want to receive flowers as a gift, all because I loved it when Lucy Snowe said: “I like to see flowers growing, but when they are gathered, they cease to please. I look on them as things rootless and perishable; their likeness to life makes me sad. I never offer flowers to those I love; I never wish to receive them from hands dear to me.”

Then I realized I was being obnoxiously profound and I should be heartily grateful for any flowers that came my way!  I mean…if someone chooses to send you a bouquet of flowers it surely is because they like you a lot!  It is a very lovely thing to do…why would I want to be ungrateful and spoilt by trying to be overly philosophical about something that is is simply a gesture of affection.

I have now come to a stage in life when I am not going to be picky about who they come from or even the reason they were given.  I will worry about that later.  I will just celebrate the moment and let the fragrance of the flowers intoxicate me!

I am a shameless fan of movies with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan…mainly because they are safe and normally cheery.  I never tire of watching them on screen.  One of my favourites is “You’ve Got Mail”.  Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) is so annoyed when Joe Fox, (Tom Hanks) after turning up on her doorstep when she is ill with a stinking cold, brings along with him a bunch of her favourite flowers after putting her beloved book store out of business.

Joe knows how to use flower power to try to fix a huge rift between and the woman he is realizing he is in love with. Kathleen has no idea that it is Joe she has been corresponding with for months, so he knows well her favourite flower after she told him she thinks daisies are the friendliest flower.  I quite agree, I think they are the friendliest flower beyond doubt!

Growing up, I used to have a massive thing for sunflowers – except that they can become such giant monstrosities can’t they!

wild flower bouquetThe most romantic and poetic choice for a bouquet has to be wildflowers.  I have been given roses…and yes they are beautiful, only they are a tiny bit intimidating…unless they are yellow.  But big red lush roses – that sends out a message that could make you feel very uncomfortable if they come from the wrong man.  But still…I would enjoy them.  It happened a while back…a male acquaintance who was suggestive in a rather crude way…thought a big bunch of red roses was the way to apologise.  Just made me want to make the message even clearer…”NO!”

In other circumstances flowers are a wonderful way to convey an apology.  Although don’t get cocky about flower power, there are some sins that a bunch of flowers are never going to atone for!!

A wonderful way to tell someone you are worried about that you care.  Goodness I have given them to some of my female friends who I was deeply anxious about.  One of my friends had chopped all of her hair off and was refusing to eat, refusing to speak to her house-mates or go to work (because her boyfriend had split up with her) I tried to ring her, text her, e-mail her as well as going round to her home and knocking on the door so hard I thought the neighbours were going to call the police.  All I had left was flower power.  I spent £50 on a huge bouquet and wrote a message in a card and left it on her doorstep.  I am glad to say…she responded, and step by step she let her heart heal. She is so much better and happier today.

On occasions flower power has touched my own heart and made me much more disposed to a bloke I had thought of as a bit awkward and odd.  I admit I have fallen prey to flower power.  Because it is a very lovely thing for someone to send flowers to you.

The message here…use flower power wisely…unless you are absolutely sure that they are not going to cause alarm, avoid the big flashy red roses.  If you know her favourite flower, choose them, unless you have just put her out of business! If in any doubt, send friendly flowers – daisies…or if you do want to be romantic, wildflowers.