What A Week!

I think….I think that this was probably one of the toughest weeks at work since the start when we were all baffled back in March 2020. It was real tough. I won’t tell you everything that happened – but I will say this – when your adrenaline levels are so high for so many hours for so many days – it is exhausting!!!

I have pretty much done nothing except sleep, work and tried to make time to eat. It has been intense and at times we felt like we had lost control. But even when things are a nightmare – we keep going. We keep going.

I was shocked to come home on Friday and to see a well-known billionaire being interviewed on the news by the staggering amount of money he has spent on launching a rocket into outer space. I found myself filled with annoyance. “GET REAL!!!” I thought to myself. There are so many people who need some help to cover their basic cost of living. Why is he wasting all that money on something so ridiculous?

Oh dear! I was so cross with him.

In other matters – it has become more apparent than ever this week because of what we have seen that the vaccine really is just one string of the bow. The vaccine, testing and social distancing will need to continue to work side by side for several months to come. You cannot have one without the other.

If you have had the vaccine or if you have already had the virus you will have some protection if you come into contact with the virus again. However, you can still breathe it in and carry it within your airways. You can still test positive for the virus. You can still carry it around in your nose and then breathe it on to another person who has not any protection because they have not had the virus and/or they have no antibodies because they have not had the virus before.

So for some months ahead – vaccines, testing and social distancing have to continue to work in tandem. We cannot abandon any of those yet. Never forgetting the basic foundation that we relied on throughout 2020 – good hygiene and quarantine for those who have symptoms – two basic foundation pillars of modern medicine which were recorded in the Mosaic Law over 3,500 years ago.

Please understand that we are in the eye of the storm. Do everything you know you need to do to keep yourselves and other safe.

10 thoughts on “What A Week!”

  1. Sometimes you feel like you are screaming into the wind and no one is listening. I understand. Caution and care is still needed. And the fact that frivolous money is being spent in such a manner boggles the mind. However these people live in a reality that is not a reality. They have no idea and no compassion. Their ideas are for money and more money making. If it does not bring in revenue there is no point in focusing on it. It boggles the mind that these people who have so much fircken money could be doing so much more in humanitarian aid rather then shooting people into space at this time. Arg. Sorry I did not realize that this made me as mad as it has. Have a good day Mel. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. We have had a demanding situation at work recently and a lot of concern along with it. As well as the scale of our work I think we learnt a lot about this virus recently.

      What is interesting is hearing how many NHS staff who have had the vaccine have tested positive for the virus. In most cases they do not feel unwell, they have no symptoms, but of course they must have breathed the virus in somewhere and a nasal swab detected the virus in their airways. Probably the vaccine is protecting them. But they cannot be at work because they can breathe it on other people. It’s interesting to see that these three aspects weapons being used against the virus – vaccine, testing and self-isolating – have to work together.

      Meanwhile with so many staff having to self-isolate even though they feel well, because they tested positive – we are reliant on locums who do ok – but it is stressful. Everything takes longer to communicate – a million questions – where is this? where is that?

      I might be wrong Jay-lyn but sometimes I think too much emphasis is placed on the vaccine. The vaccine and testing and self-isolating are all going to have to work together for a while, and of course good hygiene and social distancing.

      On the news yesterday morning a doctor was asked can a person who has been vaccinated (and has some protection) and breathe in the virus and pass it on to someone else who has not been vaccinated. The doctor said “we don’t know”. The leaflet the NHS give patients who are vaccinated states that it is possible, and tells people who have just had their vaccination to continue with the social distancing measures etc.

      I have to say, I do not think individuals should be allowed to amass so much money that they spend it on all manner of ludicrous and luxurious frivolities during a time of international crisis.

      Anyway….it is my day off Jay-lyn and so I am going to have to try to switch off to work and all the silliness and just enjoy relaxing with Jack spoiling me. It has just started snowing here in London – first snow this year – and we are watching excitedly wondering whether we might be able to go and play!!!


      1. Oh Mel I hope you had a wonderful chance to play in the snow. And I understand the need to shut off the world and just be.
        As for the vaccine I feel that there just is not enough information about it. Not enough data regarding ability to transfer/become ill/adverse reactions. But as writers I think we tend to look at things a little differently . For some like yourself and me a little skeptically. And most likely for same reasons.
        Have a fabulous Sunday. Here’s hoping you got enough to play.


  2. Thank you for reminding us of the importance of keeping vigilant. Am I right in believeing you are in the Healthcare field? If so, thank you for your devotion, service, and courage!


  3. I’m so glad you wrote about this. I’m concerned people will get lax after having the vaccine. We need to work together as a population to protect everyone. I hope things get less fraught for you soon and thanks so much for all you’re doing ๐Ÿ’š


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