Is It Right To Block Your Fiancé’s Number?

I was up late last night. I kept on wanting to crawl to bed, but then I had an email from Goldfinch and I wanted to reply, and then Jack called and it was way past one o’clock in the morning when I finally drifted to sleep.

Then at half past six this morning, Jack called again to check how I was doing – sigh. He is so lovely, but…well, I was so enjoying my sleep! Bless his cute little dimples!

Well, I struggled to muster any appetite yesterday. I am not sure why. But this morning, my appetite was back to normal. So I used more of the fresh produce in my fridge – why did I buy so much spinach?

Toasted bagel, vegan cheese, poached egg which burst as you can see, sautéed mushrooms and onions and wilted spinach.

Now I am going for a walk! Storm is rolling in tonight! Want to get out there while the weather is still fair!

“Grease” the musical is on the box this evening – I am going to put my phone on silent for that! I do love my darling Jack, but I am almost thinking of blocking his number! Hopelessly devoted….!!!

7 thoughts on “Is It Right To Block Your Fiancé’s Number?”

    1. Normally, I am always thrilled to see him name appear on my phone screen. He was upset when he realized I was going to be on my own for the holidays, and so he has been ringing several times a day to chat with me and make me feel included with his family. He is sweet. But I did mention to him that it is really good for me to have some extra sleep on my days off work. Work has been so intense this month and very challenging all year.


    1. I ought to use the silent setting more often. This year with so many family I have not seen and who have had all sort of challenges to deal with, I have always wanted to be available if I was in needed any time day or night. I reminded Jack how much I need the rest and extra sleep as work has been so crazy!


    1. He is singing it all the time! He has getting some of the young lads to sing it or beatbox it and video it for him so he can make a home-made compilation of everyone performing. If he asks you to video yourself singing it – be warned!

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