The BBC Have Rescued The Weekend!!!

I have just made the most wonderful discovery. I don’t know how it escaped my notice before now. I went out for a walk earlier and came home and was very pleased to find an old movie called “Baby Boom” starring Diane Keaton. Then I started flicking through the scheduling to see if there is anything else worth watching this weekend.


Well…to my absolute delight, it was up there on the screen. At 3:45pm tomorrow – that is Sunday 27th December – BBC1 will be broadcasting the greatest film ever made – ever! Ever ever!

The film with the biggest heart lifting, heart warming, heart singing factor. The movie that captures spunk, courage, conviction in the most challenging of situations but sets it to one of the best musical scores of all time.

If you have plans for tomorrow afternoon – cancel them. Make yourself comfy on the sofa, get yourself some snacks and drinks (it’s the BBC remember so there will be no commercial breaks for three hours!) Prepare to be not just entertained, but to be inspired. Prepare to have your spirits soaring – and to find an uncontrollable urge to want to sing out and possibly even stand up and twirl during the epic “Do-Re-Mi”.

I know it’s been a tough year, and the weekend has been a disappointment to many – but now all that will be forgotten for three hours. The sensational Julie Andrews is on hand to give you the best possible finale to the weekend. 3:45pm Sunday BBC1 – “The Sound Of Music” – how big is the smile on my face right now!!! Thank you so much Beeb!!!

Don’t even try to call me Jack – my phone will be on silent!

Is It Right To Block Your Fiancé’s Number?

I was up late last night. I kept on wanting to crawl to bed, but then I had an email from Goldfinch and I wanted to reply, and then Jack called and it was way past one o’clock in the morning when I finally drifted to sleep.

Then at half past six this morning, Jack called again to check how I was doing – sigh. He is so lovely, but…well, I was so enjoying my sleep! Bless his cute little dimples!

Well, I struggled to muster any appetite yesterday. I am not sure why. But this morning, my appetite was back to normal. So I used more of the fresh produce in my fridge – why did I buy so much spinach?

Toasted bagel, vegan cheese, poached egg which burst as you can see, sautéed mushrooms and onions and wilted spinach.

Now I am going for a walk! Storm is rolling in tonight! Want to get out there while the weather is still fair!

“Grease” the musical is on the box this evening – I am going to put my phone on silent for that! I do love my darling Jack, but I am almost thinking of blocking his number! Hopelessly devoted….!!!

Did You Feel It Too?

Willow, Tree, Winter, Light, Color, Sky, Clouds, Snow

I took a walk out in the cold evening air. I had no direction in mind, I just wanted to be alone for a few minutes. I wanted to think of you. I called your phone but there was no reply. You were probably busy with your family. I just could not stop thinking of you.

Me in London, you in the Lake District, but really, is there anywhere I could ever go on earth without you being present within me? I survived five years of estrangement from you – five years when we did not speak, we did not see each other, we were disconnected – yet you were always present within. I am not sure there was day that passed when I did not think of you. How could I forget you? After the dramatic affect you had on my life?

I walked on alone and came to a field with a willow tree. It was there that something wonderful happened. I knew you were thinking of me. I knew you were loving me. Deep within a effervescent glow began to emanate and everything around me turned to a wild celebration of joy. I knew that there is nowhere I can ever be without you thrilling my heart and lighting up the world around me.

Thank you for making peace with me.

Thank you for loving me.

Thank you for asking me to be your wife.